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The advantages of working with an online supplier?

Any private sales retailer seeks to obtain the greatest possible margins, so working with a reliable wholesale supplier means being able to find products with very attractive prices and thus ensuring savings in terms of finances but also in time.

An online wholesaler allows you to purchase supplies on the same platform and easily obtain many trendy products at attractive prices. This saves time because you will no longer have to search for all the different suppliers.

With the rise of e-commerce, there are a significant number of online wholesalers and suppliers, but how do you choose among all these distributors?

To find your online supplier, certain criteria must be taken into account and will allow you to ensure the quality of your business.

  • A wholesale distributor must be a partner. The reliability of your supplier is essential to ensure the sustainability of your business. Monitor several things: customer reviews, shipping, marketing and your supplier's inventory.
  • Pay attention to very attractive offers which may hide a lack of control and very long delivery times. Indeed, if you choose to obtain your supplies from a marketplace such as Alliexpress, Cdiscount, first of all check the reviews where you could encounter unpleasant surprises.
  • Define your activity, ask yourself the right questions, what products do you want to market? What niche sector do you want to enter?

Online wholesale is a useful process that will make it easier for you to supply your business.

What does Grossiste-pro offer you?

It is with this in mind that Grossiste-pro was created, in order to respond to this demand for online supply at attractive prices while ensuring the reliability of our platform and our quality service.

  • French distributor, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery times. You benefit from support throughout the entire supply chain: quality control, compliance, etc.
  • We listen to your needs. In order to help you and support you in your business, we provide customer service, customizable quotes with regressive prices, special offers
  • as well as the possibility of customization and personalization of your products. Indeed, if you want packaging that reflects your brand, we can make this possible.
  • Listening to its market, Grossiste-pro also offers you a dropshipping partnership under conditions. We then take care of the logistics of your supplies and store them for you. You can then concentrate on the most important element of your business. We take care of supporting you in creating your added value by getting rid of your problems.

where to find a supplier, wholesaler online?

Grossiste-pro is a distributor offering a wide variety and categories of products for men, women and children:

  • Costume jewelry and watches : trendy products, niche products, ethnic products, parties and events, sale of necklaces, bracelets, piercings, earrings, rings, key rings, bag jewelry, mirrors...
  • Leather goods : bags, satchels, messenger bags, belts, wallets, purses, card holders, key rings, companions, clutches, leather, imitation leather
  • Seasonal fashion accessories : clothing, scarves, scarves, scarves, silk squares, chapkas, bucket hats, caps, hats, hats, berets, visors, gloves, bonnets, mittens, fans, shoes
  • Decoration and home : dream catcher, decoration, furniture, candles, padlocks
  • Beauty : manicure set, nail files, nail clippers, makeup brushes, tweezers
  • Hair accessories : clips, barrettes, scrunchies, elastics, bows, headbands, locks,
  • Umbrellas : small, large, child
  • Electronics : headphones, charging cable, phone accessories
  • DIY and office : pen, sewing, padlock, lamp
  • Football items : flags, key rings, wallets
  • Displays and packaging ; busts, velvet, organza bag, purses, gift boxes, store display

New items are added weekly, and new collections every season at inexpensive prices. You will also regularly find products on sale, destocked or in clearance.

To become your perfect partner, we therefore strive to continuously improve our demand and sourcing. Trust us and optimize your catalog by supplying you with

How to find a wholesale supplier?

Our offer where what you are looking for does not match your needs, are you looking for a more specific product category? Aware that every retailer has different needs, our vision is above all to help you achieve profits for your business, so with this in mind, we offer you some valuable advice on finding other quality suppliers and partners.

  • To find a supplier, you can try calling on manufacturers directly. Direct sales without the intermediary of a wholesaler will allow you to pay less and generate more margins, however searching for manufacturers can take a lot of time and effort. This is accompanied by logistical and linguistic barriers. So please check that this partnership fits your offer.
  • You can also participate in fairs, forums etc. such as the Canton Fair which takes place twice a year. Join groups and networks that affect your industry. Subscribe to newsletters, blogs in your industry.
  • And finally you can also find reliable wholesalers from search engines by focusing on your niche. Make sure the platform you are considering working with has positive reviews and good customer service.
  • Among the most recognized suppliers, we recommend that you strongly associate yourself with wholesale distributors based in France. If your sector of activity is ready-to-wear, we recommend wholesaler-en-ligne, or even lightinthebox.
  • Note that the internalization of our markets is now being called into question, with a lack of product control, we are witnessing market saturation. Marketplaces such as, Alibaba, Aliexpress are full of products and choices and will undoubtedly allow you to find rare gems, however do not forget that the strategy of your business is based on the reputation of your business and that your sourcing partner is the basis of the sustainability of your business, delivery times and product quality are then just as many criteria to take into account. Before committing to sourcing your catalog, consider physically verifying your products by ordering a few products.

Now that you have all the assets in hand, we hope in the near future to be able to collaborate with you to help you develop your business.

See you soon.